Treats for Chico Jones

When we brought Chico Jones home early last year everyone was excited to come meet him. My best girlfriend, who was made honorary Godmother to CJ, and her family were some of the first friends to come by to welcome CJ home. Her twin boys have known for a long time we were going to get a dog and after years of hearing us talk about it, they were excited to come meet him.

Being the kind sweet person she is, CJ’s Godmother went to an independently owned pet store in Aurora, ON where she lives to get some help in picking out the perfect welcome gifts for Chico Jones. It was the first time we were introduced to Crumps’ naturals, a wonderful Canadian and locally owned and operated pet food brand. I am forever grateful my friend and the wonderful person at the store who recommended she bring us these treats and make us a fan of this amazing brand.

Included in Chico Jones’ “Welcome Home” gift was a package of Crumps’ Mini Trainers Freeze Dried Beef Liver. I loved that they were already precut into tiny pieces so we could reward Chico Jones many times without overloading him on treats. He loved them from the first time he tried them and they have become a staple in our house ever since. They are perfect rewards for training and good behaviour. His love for these led me to try some other products from Crumps and everything has been a winner. Chico Jones is a huge fan of the Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Chews, Mini Trainers Semi Moist Beef and Semi Moist Chicken and most recently the Beef Tendersticks. Its gotten to the point where if Chico Jones sees me going for the bag of whichever Crumps treats we have on the go, he runs to his dog bed and assumes his “I’m a good boy” stance for which he is promptly rewarded.

Check out this fun video of Chico Jones choosing what his next Crumps Naturals treats will be.

Since CJ is my first pet ever, I was not familiar with any dog food/treat brand. When I looked up Crumps and saw that they only use natural ingredients that contain a single ingredient I was hooked. As a puppy, we were careful what we fed CJ so he didn’t get an upset stomach. Now that he is considered an adult (only in size not always in behaviour), it is just as important he gets quality food and treats. A brand like this was in line with what we wanted him to consume and I felt good knowing we were giving him food that was healthy and didn’t have anything weird in it. I also love the brand was started thirteen years ago by a couple in their garage in Caledon, ON, not far from where I grew up, and has since grown into the vast array of products it now has.

Most pet stores carry a wide variety from Crumps but if there is something you have trouble finding, you can buy it directly from the Crumps website. I did this mid covid days so I didn’t have to drive to multiple stores to get what I wanted. Delivery was very quick and we are still working our way through that supply. Shipping is free on orders over $40. They share a discount code on their Instragram account, @crumpsnaturals, so you should give that a follow. I also love seeing their posts of pets loving their Crumps treats. Chico Jones is not alone in his love for quality treats. We love being part of the #Crumpscrew.

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