I’m Back!

Hello and welcome back to those who used to follow my other Not A Shopaholic blog. Many years ago, I started Not A Shopaholic over on blogspot where I wrote about all kinds of cool and unique brands and products that were not at your local mall. I loved doing it and had great feedback about it but finding time to write it became a challenge so it ended up on the back burner.

Fast forward many years and as of May 2019, I found myself unemployed once again and in the cycle of job hunting and networking. As I was applying to jobs, I started to notice some online forms had a place where you could enter a personal website. Since I hadn’t kept up with Not A Shopaholic, I wouldn’t fill out that section out but it got me thinking and I started seriously considering starting it up again.

Other than time, the challenge I had originally was finding enough brands and products to write about. When your focus is non mainstream stuff, it takes a bit longer to find things you want to write about. So I decided if I was going to start writing again, I would branch out on topics. In addition to the core content of the original Not A Shopaholic, I will also be incorporating thoughts and views on trends and news in the business world, maybe throw in the odd story about our newest family member, our Portuguese Water Dog puppy: Chico Jones and also take you through some of the renos we are doing on the house. Nothing like a home that needs a ton of work and updating to open you up to new shopping opportunities!

That’s the plan right now. We will see how it all rolls out and adapt as new ideas and inspiration arise. I hope you will join me for the journey. Look forward to writing for you.


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