Made By Bees

I have always been slightly bothered by what a waste aluminum foil and saran wrap is. It seems silly to spend money on products that really only have a one time use. What bothers me even more is that even if those things aren’t dirty after you use them, you aren’t going to keep it for another day. It just didn’t make sense to me or seem efficient. If there is one thing I like to be it is efficient.

So when one day at work, a coworker told me about a product she had bought that was made out beeswax and from a local company, I felt that this was a product I could see myself making a commitment to.

The product is Beeswax Food Wraps and the ones I have are from the company “Mind Your Bees“. The wraps are sold in a variety of patterns and sizes. I purchased the Small Set which includes 1 Small 7×7, 1 Medium 10×10, 1 Large 13X14 . I wasn’t sure which size I would need or use so this was a good start for me. The wraps are sticky and the material sticks to itself once you fold it and wrap it around food or a container. I currently have one in use around sliced cheese and I have used the larger one to wrap up my banana bread. The only food the instructions say not to use it on is meat. Once its done doing the job, you wash it with cold water, air dry and put it away until the next time you need it. Each wrap is good for about 100 uses and can then be composted.

The set of wraps I bought. The butterfly pattern is the large size, polka dots is the small. The blue is medium size and is shown wrapped around my cheese.

I have to say the wraps do come in handy and I am so glad I have them. I feel better knowing I’m using something more responsible to the environment and that I am helping to reduce our waste. It also feels good to support a local business, this one more local to me than some others. Mind Your Bees is made in Hamilton, ON which is practically down the street from us!

Ingredients: 100% premium cotton, local beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine tree resin and coconut wax.

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