Creating Art Out of Scrap Wood at Lumberchino

Castagne Artwork

I was very excited when I came across the sister duo of Lumberchino, Stephanie and Samantha, via an Instagram reel they did last year. The reel focused on a piece of artwork they made using wood obtained from a demolished building, Avila Hall, in Niagara where they are based. The Mount Carmel collection was created from the wood they rescued. There was actually a newspaper article writtem about it, you can read it here. The piece they showcased in their reel was gorgeous!

I loved the idea of art being created from material that would have ended up in a landfill if they hadn’t rescued it. At the time we had many empty walls in our house and I started dreaming of purchasing a Lumberchino piece one day. I hit their follow button and have been a fan ever since.

Stephanie and Samantha use reclaimed and recycled wood to create beautiful home decor pieces. Scraps, discarded lumber and timbers are used to build one of a kind pieces, each one expertly and carefully crafted by the sisters. Because they are using reclaimed and scraps of wood, no two pieces are the same, providing everyone who buys from them, a unique one of a kind work of art.

It is more time consuming and labout intensive using reclaimed wood. You get a good sense of this when watching some of their Instagram stories, pulling nails out for days, planing the wood, cutting all the pieces. Purchasing from Lumberchino is not only supporting a small business, it is supporting the environment as well.

Earlier this year, my partner and I finally got around to buying a Lumberchino piece to fill one of those empty walls. I placed an order through their website for the Minerva. Online orders have the option of being shipped for a fee or picked up at the Lumberchino showroom location for free. Since we don’t live to far away from Niagara, I selected the pick up option. It was purchased for our guest bedroom/my work from home office. I love that I get to see it every day and its in the background of my video calls. Unfortantely, it means its not visible to anyone else because its on our second level which most people don’t see. I’m already thinking of what we can buy next and where it can go 🙂

You can purchase from the Lumberchino website at any time. Their collection has grown beyond artwork. Serving trays, coat racks and mirrors have been added to the assortment. Lumberchino ships across Canada and can be contacted directly to discuss international shipping. There are some in person events/markets Stephanie and Samantha participate in. Best way to find out their schedule is follow them on Instragram.

Images from Lumberchino site have been used with permission.

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