Show The World Your Sparkle with glamjulz

This weeks Small Business Spotlight is glamjulz, a business I’ve been a customer of for over 10 years. It never ceases to amaze me when wearing one of their hand made pieces, someone will always comment on it and ask me where its from.

glamjulz was started by Monica Graves in 2000, first as a side hustle and then as a full time business. glamjulz are hand made using high quality glass beads, crystals and semi precious stones. There is a core collection consisting of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, always available for purchase on their website and Monica crafts custom pieces as well. If you are looking to treat yourself or find a piece of jewellery to match an outfit for any occasion, I am confident you will find it at glamjulz. If you don’t, reach out to Monica to discuss a custom piece. What I love about the pieces, in addition to the craftsmanship, is they work just as well with a casual outfit as they do for a fancy night out.

Monica has always been a believer in supporting community and uses glamjulz to help raise money for very worthy causes. There have been many over the years. One she does every year around holiday time is the Three Wishes Campaign. She designs a piece of jewellery, this year it is a bracelet, and donates a portion of the sales to help a family dealing with the financial burden of cancer. You can read the details about Three Wishes here. I encourage you to read the story of the family being supported this year. Three Wishes is such a great initiative. Please do support it if you are able to.

glamjulz is another brand I first came into contact with at the One Of A Kind show. I still have the first piece bought from them. Even though I have purchased many items from glamjulz since then, that first piece remains my favourite. It was a favourite of the glamjulz crew as well. I remember when I bought it they were sad to see it go but happy it was going to such a good home. I am not kidding when I say every time I wear it, someone comments on it. That’s how special these fashion jewellery pieces are.

glamjulz has a showroom in Burlington which is open for shopping by appointment only. Their website is the best place to shop outside of events and personal appointments. glamjulz ships to Canada and US. Contact glamjulz to discuss delivery to other countries.

Images from glamjulz site unless otherwise noted and used with permission. *photos from my own collection

One thought on “Show The World Your Sparkle with glamjulz

  1. Oh my goodness! What an honour to be featured here! Your words are making me tear up. You write so beautifully Christina. We LOVE having you as one of our customers. You really are a true glamgirl who always shows the world her sparkle.

    Love ya!
    Monica XO


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